Leeds Festival 2015 – Sunday Pt. 3

Atreyu’s return to prominence and the UK with a handful of appearances, is a precursor to their upcoming new album ‘Long Live’. Its been 6 yars since their last release and if the lead singles and the recent sell out shows are anything to go by then I for one can’t wait.

So, I had my opportunity and have just had a quick chat with Dan Jacobs and Travis Miguel, the two guitarists from the band.

Atreyu at Leeds Festival 2015

Atreyu at Leeds Festival 2015

They’ve just played a couple of warm=up shows prior to the Leeds/Reading weekend including a sellout at Nottingham and they are looking to return sometime early in 2016. Check out my interview with them and hear about the return of Atreyu and the new album, soon on The Unchained Rock Show on ARfm


Leeds Festival 2015 – Sunday Pt. 2

Well that was a short lived set from LTNT. Partway into the rd song and it was all over! Some ‘issues’ occurred and they were off! So what to do next. I had anticipated a full set from LTNT so maybe next time!

So in that case it was a saunter to the main stage to watch BabyMetal for the 3rd time. Musically the band are technically amazing musicians, with a heavy Dragonforce influence of Symphonic Power metal, it’s easy to see in one sense why they drew a huge a crowd on the main stage as the opening act on a Sunday at noon. Still…….I’m not sure about the whole J-Rock thing. I get Manga, I get Anime but still not zoned in to the BabyMetal phenomenon. Maybe you might, they’re back in the UK next year for a date at Wembley Arena April 2nd 2016 if you want to check them out.

Now The One Hundred have been a band that have impressed me from the word go. Todays set on The Pit Stage clearly demonstrated that their popularity is increasing at a rapid rate and rightly so, since the release of the EP Subculture last year. Its been a well travelled road of gigs and festival appearances and hard work that has brought them a serious contingent to see them here at Leeds. Non-stop pits all the way through the set and the crowd screaming back the lyrics to  frontman Jacob, gives you a sense that with a debut album looming on the horizon, this is the beginnings of something big!


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Leeds Festival 2015 – Sunday Day 3

The final day of Leeds Festival, I can’t believe the weather has held up! Or do I speak too soon?

The mighty Metallica will be bringing the weekends proceedings to a close, but before that line up throughout the day that sees Bring Me The Horizon, PVRIS, Pierce The Veil, Twin Atlantic and the return of Atreyu blasting out some serious riffage.

One’s for me to check in about ten minutes time will be LTNT who have just been on the road and touring with Seether.

After that Unchained Rock Show firm favourites The One Hundred…….and then a little time out to decide who else to check out this afternoon…apart from Atreyu obviousy!

Leeds Festival 2015 – Saturday Day 2 Pt. 3

A jaunt over to the ‘The Pit’ stage to see Modern Life is War who were playing their uncompromising album ‘Witness’ in its entirety, celebrating its 10th anniversary release, which was well received by an energetic and appreciative crowd; with frontman Jeff Eaton, working full tilt for the 35 minute set. Serious hardcore to the masses of Leeds Festival indeed!

With a short wait as the sun goes down of Leeds Festival 2015 2nd day, there was time to reflect…….well think about what to eat really and then on to the NME stage for Limp Bizkit

The sun goes down over Leeds Festival 2015 on Saturday

The sun goes down over Leeds Festival 2015 on Saturday

A mammoth size circus tent held the evenings proceedings with Limp Bizkit taking to the stage. Rammed, you bet it was! Everyone going crazy, yep…. including me. I did think about checking out Mumford and Sons and that’s about as far is got…and that didn’t last long. So roll on tomorrow!

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Leeds Festival 2015 Saturday Pt. 2

What a day so far…..great sets from Calls Landing and Hunter and The Bear. Had a catch up with both bands after their sets which you can catch on The Unchained Rock Show on www.arfm.co.uk soon.

I’ve got to say Panic At the Disco were really pulling it out of the bag and whipping up the crowd on the main stage. Playing a massive crowd pleasing rendition of the Queen classic ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ which I’ve got say was superb. Then followed up with a medley of classic tunes from Journey and AC/DC. Definitely on the list to checkout again!

It’s definitely an interesting festival with some major crossover of musical styles and not an out ‘n’ out rock festival like the associated ‘ Reading Festival’. Still one that is mighty enjoyable Even if it is beset with chart loving youngsters!!!

Still there’s Limp Bizkit to look forward to later and of course ‘Modern War is Life’ who playing the ‘Witness’ album in full. I managed to catch up with frontman Jeff Eaton earlier so you can check that out on the upcoming Leeds Festival special as well.

Hunter and The Bear in the press tent with ARfm at Leeds Festival 2015

Hunter and The Bear in the press tent with ARfm at Leeds Festival 2015

Leeds Festival 2015 – Saturday Day 2.

‘Right back at it again’ someone once sang!…..Its Saturday and the sun is out here at Leeds Festival 2015. After some blitzing performances last night form While She Sleeps and Cancer Bats, it put me right in the mood for the rest of the weekend!

Checking out Calls Landing who won Futuresound competition to open the Pit stage and then over to see Hunter and The Bear! We’ll look to see who crops up later but I think its going to get a little messy later when Modern Life is War hit the stage and play ‘Witness’ album in its entirety!

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Leeds Festival 2015 – Friday Pt.3

So after a bit of a delay on the motorway…’UK Traffic! its the same everywhere’ says Liam Cormier of Cancer Bats. So after catching up with him in the press area, he was really looking forward to the evenings set at Leeds on The Lock Up stage.

A couple of warm up shows and then up to Leeds for what will be a banging set with the Cancer Bats. You can check out my interview with Liam real soon on The Unchained Rock Show on ARfm.

Liam Cormier with Steve Harrison of ARfm at Leeds Festival 2015

Liam Cormier of Cancer Bats with Steve Harrison of ARfm at Leeds Festival 2015

Leeds Festival 2015 – Friday Pt.2

So, its the afternoon and after checking out a snippet of Feed The Rhino, Black Foxxes, and taking in the sights and sounds of Leeds Festival Arena and watching the masses steadily stream in, it was time for my first interview: one which I had been looking forward to, with Frank Iero of FrnkIero andthe Cellabration. A true humble gentleman in every sense. Of course the interview wouldn’t have gone so well without the aid of the latest addition to the research team at ARfm Erin and her tireless hunt for original and interesting points to ask band members. You can check out the interview in our up and coming Leeds Festival Special on The Unchained Rock Show on ARfm soon.

Frank Iero with new ARfm researcher Erin backstage at Leeds Festival 2015

Frank Iero with new ARfm researcher Erin backstage at Leeds Festival 2015

Leeds Festival 2015 – Friday

So, is it really the last weekend of August…..summer nearly over? Its obviously time for Reading & Leeds Festival 2015 then! Well, here we are at a sunny Bramham Park for Leeds Festival 2015 that’ll serve up a eclectic mix of bands and artists across the alternative genres.

This is the first time that ARfm have covered the festival and us at The Unchained Rockshow are happy to cover it for our listeners.

So, today brings us performances from the likes of The Libertines, Beartooth, Lonely The Brave and many more! Here at The Unchained Rockshow we are excited to see bands such as Bury Tomorrow and While She Sleeps.

Throughout the day we’ll be interviewing Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, Cancer Bats and Frank Iero and the Cellabration for the Leeds Festival radio special, which you should keep a lookout for on ARfm in the near future.