Leeds Festival 2015 – Sunday Pt. 2

Well that was a short lived set from LTNT. Partway into the rd song and it was all over! Some ‘issues’ occurred and they were off! So what to do next. I had anticipated a full set from LTNT so maybe next time!

So in that case it was a saunter to the main stage to watch BabyMetal for the 3rd time. Musically the band are technically amazing musicians, with a heavy Dragonforce influence of Symphonic Power metal, it’s easy to see in one sense why they drew a huge a crowd on the main stage as the opening act on a Sunday at noon. Still…….I’m not sure about the whole J-Rock thing. I get Manga, I get Anime but still not zoned in to the BabyMetal phenomenon. Maybe you might, they’re back in the UK next year for a date at Wembley Arena April 2nd 2016 if you want to check them out.

Now The One Hundred have been a band that have impressed me from the word go. Todays set on The Pit Stage clearly demonstrated that their popularity is increasing at a rapid rate and rightly so, since the release of the EP Subculture last year. Its been a well travelled road of gigs and festival appearances and hard work that has brought them a serious contingent to see them here at Leeds. Non-stop pits all the way through the set and the crowd screaming back the lyrics to  frontman Jacob, gives you a sense that with a debut album looming on the horizon, this is the beginnings of something big!


Facebook – The Unchained Rock Show


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