Leeds Festival 2016 – The Unchained Rock Show Review on ARFM.

So, now the post Leeds Festival blues have began to leave our systems and life becomes normal again, let’s relive the best bits of the weekend. Let’s kick it off!

All round, the weekend was nothing short of absolutely brilliant. From the jubilant and drunken spirits to the wild ones that slid round the campsite’s mass of mud, everyone could sing some kind of praise for Leeds.

However, the mud was certainly something memorable about the weekend but it didn’t succeed in dampening the festival atmosphere. Although, it was an inconvenience for most, some managed to take full advantage of it and turn it into a dirty ‘slip and slide’ when the music wasn’t to taste.

In saying that, this year’s range of musical talent was impressive. Whether you were cramming into a tent because of the rain or it was your 5th time seeing a band, all was enjoyable. Even with the cancellation of a few bands or artists it definitely wasn’t ruined.

This year’s surprise band came with its sudden and triumphant return to the rock world; British boys, You Me At Six. Following their short return with the new single and announcement of their album that share the same name of “Night People”. Coming out to the arena ready hit, Room To Breathe the packed Pit Stage erupted into madness that was shortly stopped by the sound cutting out before the final chorus in Loverboy. But non shall fear as the set carried on right where it ended.

Another mentionable set came from Australian rockers, Tonight Alive. Motivational and heart warming speeches along with hit after hit that the crowd could belt every lyric to truly showed they deserved to be there if not be higher up on the bill. The high energy, female empowering performance had us all in the palm of lead vocalist’s, Jenna Mcdougall, hands.

Sleeping With Sirens managed to receive a wild response from the crowd despite Kellin Quinn’s lose of voice with State Champs at their London based warmup gig the previous night. The energetic antics from the night before meant his vocals weren’t at their peak but it didn’t fault the band’s live musical performance.

Check out the interview with Kellin, Jack and Nick from SWS, with Steve from The Unchained Rock Show, from after their Leeds Main stage set on Thursday 8th September at 9pm on ARfm. 

It was great to see a return to the UK for U.S Texan rockers Nothing More, bringing their eclectic stage show, complete with ‘the bassinator’. A sight to behold for the appreciative Leeds crowd. We managed to grab a quick chat with the guys before their set.

Check out these interviews and more, including our interviews with  Denis Stoff the Asking Alexandria frontman,  Derek and Tyler from State Champs, Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, Ken & Hiro from Crossfaith.

All on our Leeds Festival 2016 review show on Thursday 8th September at 9pm on http://www.arfm.co.uk

Words By Erin Harrison. 

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