Thoughts on A Day To Remember’s New Record.

The boys from Ocala are right back at it again and have come full force. This album doesn’t shy away from any idea they may have had. It is definitely arena ready and will be taken in by fans without a second thought.

Bad Vibrations kicks off with its title track and doesn’t hold back. Bringing in the iconic, angry spoken word straight away truly shows us that they have their own sound and will not be forgotten. If you close your eyes you can already see the crowd going bonkers to it.

Track after track, we know this record is heavier than their past few albums. It still has those sing-along hits like, Naivety, which sounds as if it could come from Common Courtesy due to its more sing-along qualities. However, they bring in some Viking-like qualities with the clashes of metal in Bullfight, which is certainly new for the band.

Track 7, Justified, is a brilliant blend of Jeremy’s emotional, clean vocals that rip into aggressive riffs and monstrous breakdowns. It gently strums in and ends the same way, which completely masks the head bopping anthem that hides within.

This is followed by the high-spirited track, We Got This. Another bouncy yet more pop-punk track, which has uplifting lyrics and layered backing vocals that gave the song a warm feel. Although the “we” may be referring to the band themselves, it is sure to resonate with fans and listeners.

The entire album seems just as personal as their past ones; showing signs of grief, self-doubt, and acceptance. It flows from song to song brilliantly. You can seriously tell they worked hard on this record over those 3 years. The band seem closer than ever and certainly don’t seem to be going anywhere soon.

One can only be excited to see these songs live and view how an anticipating audience reacts when they come back to our shores in January 2017 with support from Neck Deep and Moose Blood.

Words By Erin Harrison

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