John 5 and The Creatures hit the UK & Europe.

Gig Review.

The Corporation, Sheffield. October 6th 2016.

So a short jaunt to the Steel City that holds tonight’s offering of the eagerly anticipated solo show from John 5 and the Creatures, the former guitarist of Marilyn Manson and currently with Rob Zombie. John 5’s own solo career has seen him release 7 studio albums to date with the latest album, ‘Guitars, Tits & Monsters’ set for release soon.

The Corporation in Sheffield was one of 3 select UK dates that John 5 had chosen as part of his first ever solo foray into Europe and the UK.

Setting off the night’s proceedings were local Sheffield band ‘Soul Shredder’ whose name conjures all sorts of Black Metal imagery, so it was a surprise to see a female fronted power metal quintet receive a polite response from their home crowd and not a hint of ‘corpse paint’ in sight.

Somebody once wrote, Cometh the hour, cometh the man! So it was with fevering expectancy the eclectic crowd of Goth, Manson, Zombie, guitar shredder fans welcomed to the stage with rapturous applause, whoops and whistles, John 5 and the Creatures.

Tonight’s set showcased John 5’s digital dexterity to the maximum, featuring heavily from his album ‘Careful with That Axe’; with the fretboard frenzy of ‘Flight of The Vulcan Kelly’ to ‘Six Hundred and Sixty Six Pickers in Hell’, through to the tranquil, sublime ‘Behind The Nut Love’ from his Songs For Sanity album and a face melting solo!

Not forgetting the rhythmic powerhouse from The Creatures, Rodger Carter on Drums and Ian Ross on bass providing the technical solid platform for John 5 to mesmerise from the start to the end; prowling round the stage in long coat and leather strapped chest plate; sinister make-up, evil glare and head shaking wildly; and yet never seemingly missing a note. Between songs he threw sweets to the crowd, who were hollering and cheering, waiting for more Telecaster technical wizardry.

John 5 closed out the evenings proceedings with ‘Here’s To The Crazy Ones’ . This was followed by a fine medley of riffs galore including Iron Maiden’s ‘The Trooper’ to Ozzy Osborne’s ‘Crazy Train’ and classic Manson  ‘Sweet Dreams’ that was appreciated by everyone.

Revered by other guitarists of the current age like Paul Gilbert & Yngwie Malmsteen; John 5 is not a clone of anybody.  Yes, he string skips, sweeps, taps, shreds, however he has feel, tone, phrasing and groove like no one else… And not to mention some serious chicken pickin!!

John 5 is absolutely John 5!!

Happy to play to 5 or 50,000, with trademark Telecaster strapped on, John 5 is in his element. The maniacal smile make-up he wears will never be enough to disguise that John 5 loves his guitar and loves to play music.

Truly, it was an evening that saw John 5 demonstrate why he is a guitar great!!

Hell Haw!

Words. Steve Harrison.

Set List: Intro, First Victim, Flight Of The Vulcan Kelly, Villisca, This Is My Rifle, Sin, El Cucuy, Jiffy Jam, Portrait Of Sidney Sloan, Guitar Solo, Six Hundred & Sixty Six Pickers in Hell, Behind The Nut Love, Mad Monster Party, Black Grass Plague, Here’s To The Crazy Ones, Medley.

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